Allos srl cerca uno Grafico HTML5 da inserire nel proprio team di Digital Content.


La figura sarà coinvolta nello sviluppo di corsi e-learning e materiali didattici in autoistruzione.



Ottima conoscenza di :

  •     javascript/jquery
  •     html 4/5
  •     css 1/2/3

Conoscenza di software quali: Adobe Flash, Adobe Edge, Photoshop, Illustrator

Competenze e attitudini richieste:

  • Gusto estetico
  • elasticità ed autonomia nel ricercare soluzioni visive e tecnologiche
  • conoscenze basilari sulle problematiche relative al mobile
  • Monitoraggio dei mercati internazionali, per verificarne tendenze e necessità
  • Spirito di iniziativa
  • Attitudine a lavorare in team e per obiettivi
  • Interesse per il mondo del web e dei new media
  • Conoscenza lingua inglese

About the Company

Allos provides global implementation services for the full SuccessFactors Suite covering all service industries. With

SuccessFactors there are approximately 24 million cloud application subscriber seats globally, and we strive to give

them an integrated experience for implementations, change management strategies, learning content and content

methodologies alongside various consulting services ensuring that each customer interaction leaves the impression

that any complexity can be bridged. This enables human resource departments to drive business execution across

all their organisations, ensuring that their workforce learns to love work again.

You are in for an exciting time. We want to ensure that you not only know the SuccessFactors modules, but become

an expert in the HCM field, making you employable across various projects. But in addition to that, we also want you to

love working with us to create a globally winning team.

We expect our team to become leaders and we care how we work with each other and with our customers.

Our commitment to our employees is to provide opportunities for learning and growth, recognition for real impact

and rewards for delivering real results. Our employees are at the heart of our success.

We look forward to meeting with you

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